Who to Pick

 Knowing who to pick is easy.

You just reach out to someone.  Let your heart draw you. It knows who to pick. Someone with whom you click. Let the Holy Spirit within you prompt you.

  • Jethro to Moses Saw a need
  • Paul to Timothy Saw potential
  • Eli to Samuel Get dumped on you 
  • Plus others in the Bible and my experience.
  • Notice in the first three that the older man helps, the younger man.

Assignments seldom work well. Especially if you are dumb enough to say something like Pastor Aaron Gance wants me to disciple you.” That is the opposite of friendship or brotherhood. It makes him feel like some welfare project,  or that you are his parole officer. 

I got picked when I was about 14.

I was in church with my mother some 20 miles from home. However, my father wanted to stay in the community instead of driving to the city. Soon after we started a man in the church introduced himself to my mother and me. That man invited me to attend a boys club meeting at the church. I loved being with that group. I would never miss a meeting. The best part was the whole-group huddle at the end. With arms around each other’s shoulders, we repeated a motto or “watchword.”  That 10-second interaction signaled support and unity that was uplifting. I could not wait to get back to that group where I felt I belonged. And valued as a person. I continue in some way involved in ministry to other men. It all started about 60 years ago.

Now you

You find someone your heart draws you to and look for a way to do something together.

Stick man who decided who to pick

Follow your heart.

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I am a Bible teacher with a passion for men's ministry. I prefer teaching through dialog. I believe any biblical discussion should reflect the context not only of the passage but also historical, geographical, and cultural backgrounds. I prefer interaction, as opposed to lectures. Along with incarnational (in person) teaching, I also post material to my web site blog, Edify Men (www.edify.men).
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