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Men need Empathy, not Sympathy

Men need empathy, not sympathy, especially when they are emotionally hurting. And every man I  know has a long list of hurts. He struggles with them every day. He needs you to feel his hurts with him! That will give him a measure of relief.  Physically be with him, listen to his hurt. And then …

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A Confidential Container

A confidential container or meeting space is necessary for a man to share anything personal with you.  Especially anything about his feelings. Therefor view each of your meetings as a clay jar. Realize that gossip is deadly: it will break the fragile jar.  Why this analogy? First, clay jars break easily. And so does confidentiality.  …

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Facilitate his monologue on his emotions

The best way to edify a man is, most often,  to facilitate his monologue on his emotions.  Two years ago I wrote a post on the importance of having the other guy do all most all of the talking.  This post is more on how to encourage emotional expression.   The first thing getting him to …

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