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How Many Brothers?

How many did Jesus and Paul have? How many brothers can you minister to in a month? Jesus did only 12. And He focused on 3 of those. Yes, Jesus addressed large crowds. He sends the 70/72  to spread the message. But He worked primarily with the 12. If that is all the infinite Son of God …

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“What do you find fulfilling?”

Asking “What do you find fulfilling? Can take your conversation to a whole new depth. Do not use this question too often with the same person. That can make it sound like you are working off a script. And that is something people do NOT like. Before you ask this question be sure you spend …

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Active Listening

There is so much to say about active listening, on how the other guy knows we are truly listening. I will need several entries on this topic. Active listening starts with your total attention focused on the other person. If at all possible sit directly in front of him. Be close enough that you do …

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How long does a meeting last?

My Usual meeting length. One hour is, to me, a short meeting length. Two to four hours are usually more productive than one-hour meetings. Dealing with heart level items takes a lot of time. My sessions occasionally go 6+ hours. Assuming you asked a very open-ended conversation starter then followed that up with the suggestions in this other entry. …

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Conversation starter for one-on-one men’s meetings.

The heart of each meeting is a time of one-on-one, soul to soul discussion. So what is a good conversation starter to get a man to talk about this? There may be some discussion about what to order for lunch. Or maybe the project you are going to do together today. Or even the weather today. But …

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Pre-Meeting Reminder

Shortly before you meet someone, send him a Pre-Meeting Reminder Message Each meeting gives you three contacts with your Brother. First, a message confirming the meeting in the next eight to 18 hours. The actual meeting. And scheduling the next meeting. The post-meeting thankyou message eight to 24 hours later. Why this time frame? You …

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Post-Meeting Thankyou Message

Did you schedule your next meeting as your left each other? Now, within eight to 24 hours, say thank you for his time.  Cell phone text messages work best for a post-meeting thankyou. If that is not possible, try email or kill a tree and use the postal service. Why this time frame? If you wait a while, …

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Schedule the Next Meeting Immediately

Near the end of each session is the best time to schedule the next meeting. How to schedule the next meeting Pull out your calendar and say “When do you want to get together again?” He will probably get his out too. Let him make a suggestion first. (Do not steal control at this point!) …

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Bridge Cultural Gaps

We all have to bridge cultural gaps. Sometimes they are small other times gigantic. Please see this 2-minute video right now. My first attempts. My first cross-cultural jolt was when I spend a few days in Cairo Egypt. The streets we cluttered with shiny new Mercedes Benz cars and buses. As well as beasts of burden carrying heavy loads …

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He needs to talk

He needs to talk. You need to listen. It is more fun for you that way too. He needs to talk about 90% of the time. Most men seldom get to talk about his concerns, his hurts, and frustration. Often your most significant service is to just, actively listen to him. That is a profound ministry. …

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