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Jan 18 2018

Post-Meeting Thankyou Message

Did you schedule your next meeting as your left each other? Now, within eight to 24 hours, say thank you for his time.  Cell phone text messages work best for a post-meeting thankyou. If that is not possible, try email or kill a tree and use the postal service. Why this time frame? If you wait a while, …

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Jan 15 2018

Schedule the Next Meeting Immediately

Near the end of each session is the best time to schedule the next meeting. How to schedule the next meeting Pull out your calendar and say “When do you want to get together again?” He will probably get his out too. Let him make a suggestion first. (Do not steal control at this point!) …

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Jan 06 2018

Bridge Cultural Gaps

We all have to bridge cultural gaps. Sometimes they are small other times gigantic. Please see this 2-minute video right now. My first attempts. My first cross-cultural jolt was when I spend a few days in Cairo Egypt. The streets we cluttered with shiny new Mercedes Benz cars and buses. As well as beasts of burden carrying heavy loads …

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Jan 01 2018

He needs to talk

He needs to talk. You need to listen. It is more fun for you that way too. He needs to talk about 90% of the time. Most men seldom get to talk about his concerns, his hurts, and frustration. Often your most significant service is to just, actively listen to him. That is a profound ministry. …

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Dec 14 2017

Who to Pick

Stick man who is all heart

 Knowing who to pick is easy. You just reach out to someone.  Let your heart draw you. It knows who to pick. Someone with whom you click. Let the Holy Spirit within you prompt you. Jethro to Moses – Saw a need Paul to Timothy – Saw potential Eli to Samuel – Get dumped on …

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Dec 09 2017

Call them brother

As the “provider” consistently view and call the “receiver” a brother or friend. How you label your relationship to another person controls how you think and behave toward him.   You do not want to come on to the receiver as being superior. Note the passages below. Notice what Jesus starts calling the disciples in John …

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