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Bridge Cultural Gaps

We all have to bridge cultural gaps. Sometimes they are small other times gigantic. Please see this 2-minute video right now. My first attempts. My first cross-cultural jolt was when I spend a few days in Cairo Egypt. The streets we cluttered with shiny new Mercedes Benz cars and buses. As well as beasts of burden carrying heavy loads …

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Condemning Others

A gal who grew up in a church that seemed to all about condemning others gave a TED talk. It came to my attention today, and I like it. Please see all of it before we apply what she learned in our ministry among others. The Greek word most for “condemn” means to pronounce a sentence upon …

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Do Not Brag

.Luke 9:18-22 has an impressive command. Peter has correctly stated that Jesus is Messiah, the Christ, the anointed one of God. Immediately Jesus commands the disciples not to tell anyone. Why not? It is because Jesus must suffer, be rejected, and die. Then raised from the dead. If Jesus wanted this widely know at that …

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1 Samuel 30 – The Wicked and Worthless Appeal to as Brothers

From 1 Samuel 30 we learn that we should appeal to the wicked and worthless as brothers. Background of 1 Samuel 30:22-25 David and his 600 men returned from the Philistines. Their city is burned. Their wives and children are captives. All their goods are spoil in the enemy’s hand. 200 of David’s men are …

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