Schedule the Next Meeting Immediately

Near the end of each session is the best time to schedule the next meeting.

How to schedule the next meeting

Pull out your calendar and say “When do you want to get together again?” He will probably get his out too. Let him make a suggestion first. (Do not steal control at this point!) If at all possible take it. If you cannot, they say why but do not reveal personal details. Say “Sorry I have a conflict. When else might work?

When I am going to be out of town several months, I still set up a meeting. Maybe just a pre-meeting contact about ten days before. (That is a subject for a later post.)

Integrity when you schedule the next meeting

Always honor previous meeting commitments. If you do not, you have made your self a liar to the first person.  Do not promise to move some other appointment to make one with this guy. That is making distinctions, and that is not a Christian thing to do! (Gal  3:28; James 2:1-9) Let God control those things. You are serving Him to let God control your calendar. When I have tried to rearrange things, it as usually been a great mistake.

Your tool to schedule the next meeting.

By the way, smart-phone calendars work best. They are always up-to-date. Be sure to hit “save” after you enter something.  Second, best is a pocket calendar unless of course, you have your computer with you. If you are not using the phone, then be sure very sure you update your “real” calendar. And if you are meeting several guys today, make sure you do not create a conflict.

Occasionally someone for logistical reason needs a delay. If so, then make a date you will contact that person. But be very careful. That is an easy way to lose contact with someone. That just happened to me today😔.

I have only had one negative response in the past 5 or so years. That was a person who had an entrenched odd theological position. He was trying to drum up support for it.

In the after session text contact mention the agreed time and location. (There will be another post of after meeting “thank you” messages.)  Rehearsing the date will help ensure it is on the other guy’s calendar too.

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