Pre-Meeting Reminder

Shortly before you meet someone, send him a Pre-Meeting Reminder Message

Each meeting gives you three contacts with your Brother.

  1. First, a message confirming the meeting in the next eight to 18 hours.
  2. The actual meeting. And scheduling the next meeting.
  3. The post-meeting thankyou message eight to 24 hours later.

Why this time frame?

You want to give him time to get your message. He also may have a conflict so will need to reschedule. If you do it any earlier, he may get distracted and forget your meeting.

These timings assume you are using cell phone text messaging or a voice call/message. You may need to allow more time if you have to use email. You need to know how your Brother usually responds.

Pre-meeting reminder Elements

It is a personal note tailored to the upcoming visit. Never used an automated canned message or have some assistant write the words. You are building a personal relationship.
  1. Greet him using his preferred name. If you accidentally send it to the wrong person his guy will probably let you know so you can correct it.
  2. Tell him you are looking forward to seeing him.
  3. Remind him of the time a location.
  4. Again allude to your positive anticipation.

And here are a few do not’s

  • Please do not remind him of anything he promised to do between meetings. Your message is enough of a prompt.
  • Don’t mention anything you plan to give him or do for him. You may learn at the meeting your plan is not best for him now.
  • Also, don’t repeat any gossip you have heard related to him. You are building a positive connection with him. Sharing gossip weakens relationships. Remember you are helping him develop positive relationships with others. Even positive reports are a problem. He may wonder if you also talk to other about him.
  • Do not ask him to confirm. Just sending him a message does that. If he can not make then, he will let you know. A no-show that tells you a lot about him.  Asking him to respond seems like you do not trust him.

Pre-meeting Reminder Message examples

  • Hey Joe. I am sure looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, same time usual place.  Frank.
  • Tom, Sure looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I have us meeting at the Polar Bear Cafe at 1234 North Antarctic Blvd. for lunch at 11:30.   Meet you there. 🙂 Frank.

Here is an outside source that warns about using the word “just” in reminder messages.

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