Post-Meeting Thankyou Message

Did you schedule your next meeting as your left each other? Now, within eight to 24 hours, say thank you for his time.  Cell phone text messages work best for a post-meeting thankyou. If that is not possible, try email or kill a tree and use the postal service.

Why this time frame?

If you wait a while, then your message becomes another contact. It reminds your brother of what you discussed. It may help him follow through on actionable items. Waiting a while helps him know you care about the relationship, that you think about and pray for him when you are not together.

Each meeting gives you three contact with your Brother.

  1. First, a message confirming the meeting eight to 18 hours in advance.
  2. The actual meeting.
  3. Now, the post-meeting thankyou message eight to 24 hours later.

But shouldn’t he say thank you?

Well, he may. But do not expect him to say it. You, the older guy, should say it first. Your thanking him is a model for him. You are helping him learn how he should bless others.

After all, you may have asked him to help you with a task or project. Hence you need to thank him!

Just remember, you are to treat him as a peer.

What if he says Thank You first?

My experience is that it does not happen often. If the younger man does, then mention it in your thank your message.

Thank you Elements

It has to be a personal note tailored to this visit. Never used a canned message or have some assistant write the words. You are building a personal relationship.
  1. Greet him using his preferred name
  2. Express gratitude for his time.
  3. Thank him for some personal detail he shared with you. The thanks will help him to relax and deal with this issue. It will also encourage him to be open to deepening the relationship.
  4. When he helps with a project of yours, express your gratitude.
  5. If he gave you something, then tell him how you will use it.
  6. If he bought your meal or snack, then be sure to thank him for it again.
  7. Mention the date, time and place of your next meeting together. This review will help make sure it is on both calendars!

Don’t mention

  • Anything you gave him or did for him!
  • Any negative information he shared. It is often gossip. You are helping him build positive relationships.

 Post-meeting Thankyou Message examples

  • Hey Joe. Thanks for our meeting today. I enjoyed hearing about your promotion at work. Congratulations. I am praying that your ministry to your son will be accepted. See you next week, same time and place.
  • Tom, it was so good to meet with you yesterday. I am praising the Lord that you have an increasing ministry in the Village. Thanks for my lunch salad. I am looking for to seeing you again on the 19th of next month. I will meet you at the same time at your gate just like yesterday.

Here is an outside resource that may help you with the elements of a simple thank you message.

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