How long does a meeting last?

My Usual meeting length.

One hour is, to me, a short meeting length. Two to four hours are usually more productive than one-hour meetings. Dealing with heart level items takes a lot of time. My sessions occasionally go 6+ hours. Assuming you asked a very open-ended conversation starter then followed that up with the suggestions in this other entry. It will take more than an hour.

Also be sure that you are actively listening to him alone. No other thoughts than his words are in your mind while you are together.

Again he needs to articulate how he feels at items in his life today. Have to put thoughts and feelings into words make them evident in the speaker’s mind and heart.

The times suggested for a psychological counseling session are not applicable nor enough. You are not a psychologist nor is this “counseling.” You are building a personal relationship with a spiritual brother.  It is a bond often more profound than physical brotherhood. Note Jesus’ reaction to his physical half-brothers in Matthew 12:46-50. Also Matthew 19:28-30. Jesus puts spiritual brothers ahead of the closest physical relationships.

If possible have an open-ended meeting length

Try to leave your meeting length unspecified. You can schedule some for an hour or more after you usual meeting time. When it is time for that meeting, just tell your brother you have another meeting. Guys never seem to mind. And you have not cut his time short. If he has another meeting or has to get back to work then never complain. Immediately schedule the next meeting. Thank him for his time. And get out of there. If you have to use your phone or a GPS to set, do not do that where he can see you. You don’t want him to wonder if he has detained you. He needs to know that he has all your time he needs.

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2 Responses to How long does a meeting last?

  1. Bryan Ratz says:

    I miss our meetings, much love to you sir.

    • Frank says:

      Yes, I miss them also. My GPS suggest it take 20 hours of drive time to get to your place so I am not sure when I can schedule it. 🙂
      I trust you are meeting with men in your area to encourage them with their lives, sharing your life experiences with them and pointing them to the love of Jesus.

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