An index to the posts on this site. There are very few at the moment. My “ideas” list has a good 300 posts planned. It will take a few years to get that all done. By then I am sure I will have added more.

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The tags also serve as a type of index. However, they will not precisely match.  Some future items listed will not have links posted. Related topics are close together. I expect this page will get reorganized often.

Days – Doing men’s ministry


Clues – Hints to learn yourself then share with your brothers

Sidebars – Comments on Bible passages and words

Constant  Encouragement Passages Index.

Psalm 101 Series King David’s Court Standards

Psalm 101:5 will focus on nothing worthless – Details.

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Encouragement Index

Current Encouragement passages show one at a time, in the right-hand sidebar of the Edify Ministries web site. I took verses from  Gene Getz’s book Building Up One Another. He had them clustered by his topics. What I needed were stand-alone items. So, I reworked the list making many changes. Some entries removed, a few …

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