How Many Brothers?

How many did Jesus and Paul have?

How many brothers can you minister to in a month? Jesus did only 12. And He focused on 3 of those. Yes, Jesus addressed large crowds. He sends the 70/72  to spread the message. But He worked primarily with the 12. If that is all the infinite Son of God handled, then how any can I realistically do?

Right now I treat one-on-one ministry to men as a full-time job. And I have not been able to work more than 12 into my schedule.

Look in Acts and see how many men traveled with Paul at any one point in time. It is a small number.

What you are doing is traveling through life with each man. Agewise you may be ahead of them, so that makes you the guide, maybe the defacto “leader.” I never use that term for myself. Christ-like men need to see other as brothers and nothing more or less.

Why so few?

The frequent and often long meetings, limit how much you can do in a month. You also have other obligations like providing for your family. Not only ensuring they have food but also love and spiritual care.

Wisdom in life is “more caught than taught.” One can not shortcut this with lectures or assigned readings. We truly learn as life unfolds.  You can meekly suggest things. Unfortunately, you  learn much of life in the “school of hard knocks.” You are there to encourage and support you Brother when “knocked down.” Or when congratulate him when he does well.

It should be one-on-one. Your Brother will, in all likelihood,  never share where he most needs help in any group. It is too personal to him and way to private to risk exposure.

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I am a Bible teacher with a passion for men's ministry. I prefer teaching through dialog. I believe any biblical discussion should reflect the context not only of the passage but also historical, geographical, and cultural backgrounds. I prefer interaction, as opposed to lectures. Along with incarnational (in person) teaching, I also post material to my web site blog, Edify Men (
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