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Current Understandings

My ministry, which I call Edify Ministries, seeks to build up the body of Christ by helping believers, primarily as individuals, to understand God’s Word and practice it in daily life. This doctrinal statement serves as a summary of my basic current understandings. However, “We are not called simply to believe certain points or observe certain practices, but ultimately to cling to the person of Christ.”  (A quote attributed to David Platt.)

My Current Understandings

  1. There exists only one ultimate God. He is the creator and absolute sovereign of all things both perceived and unperceived (physical and spiritual). This one God operates as if three distinct persons, often called the Trinity, and individually known as the Father (the decision maker), the Son (the doer of those decisions), and the Holy Spirit (the energy that empowers that doing).
  2. God inspired all sixty-six books of the Bible. They are utterly inerrant in the original autographs.  And are the authoritative message of God to man. The very words of the text convey the message.
  3. Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God.  He is both entirely God and man.
  4. All humanity, not only as a race but also as individuals reject God. They sin against Him) by disobeying what they know he wants.
  5. Salvation from the sin of rejecting God is personal and requires acceptance, by grace through faith, of God’s provision for reconciliation with Himself. Salvation is through the death and resurrection of His son, Jesus Christ.
  6. This salvation by grace through faith alone is the exclusive means of obtaining eternal life in the presence of God.
  7. God can and does actively intervene in our universe by way of what we call miracles. Examples of these are the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, and His resurrection.
  8. God’s directive for His people today is the “New Commandment.”  Also known as the “New Covenant” (John 13:34-35). This New Covenant replaces the old commandment God gave through Moses (Heb 8:13).
  9. The goal of the Christian life is to radiate the love that Jesus demonstrated. Radiating love should be natural because all three members of the Trinity reside in the believer.  (John 17:22-26; 20:22; Acts 1:8).
  10. Guidance for this Christian life is through one’s Christian elders.
  11. Eventually, all persons get physically resurrected. Those saved to everlasting blessedness in God’s presence.  But all others to eternal separation from God.
  12. Jesus will physically return to this earth in blessing on those who accept His salvation. But also in judgment upon all others.

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