The mission of this site about encouraging men’s ministry.

That is about men’s ministry in “real life.” Written to mature men who want to help younger men mature in all aspects of life. It is life on life application.

Some of the posts will explain more about the philosophy. Others will illustrate how to practice it.

The focus is not on any sect or any organized religion. However, the author is an ardent follower of Jesus Christ and sees Jesus as the ultimate model of men’s ministry.

Men can and should minister to women, and women can and should minister to men. However, the bond of matching gender facilitates ministry. Being of the same sex also eliminates many possible accusations of sexual harassment or worse.

See the Index a list of current posts.
For more about the sole author see the About Me page.

Three categories of entries (posts) here include:

About posts tagged Days:

  1. Philosophy of men’s ministry and how to live it in real life. Each Day” entry will typically look like this:
    1. Topic sentence
    2. Some applicable Scriptures 
    3. Explanation 
    4. My personal experience What I do is ….” What I have done is ….”
    5. Challenge to the reader So …”
    6. Graphic illustration

About posts tagged Clues:

Some hints to share with another man. What I have found helpful is …. or My experience is ….” or As I understand it ….” A few verbal things to share in men’s ministry.  Each Clue” entry will typically look like this:

    1. Short form of the clue
    2. Things that might trigger you to share it
    3. Explanation
    4. Some possible ways to say it 

About posts tagged Sidebars/Excursi:

These put shoe leather” on passages like the Fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) and the characteristics of agape love between Christian brothers (1 Cor 13:4-8). Others may be a stand-alone word or concepts studies. Each Sidebar” entry will typically look like this:

  1. Word(s) in English and transliterated original
  2. Research on that word/concept in its culture of origin 
  3. Living it out looks like in real life in my culture today. Frequently suggests that this may look different in another culture or sub-culture.”
  4. A challenge to the reader. So/Therefore …

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About Me

My current focus is on ministry with men. In some way, I have been doing this sort of thing for about 60 years, starting with a boy’s club, camping, and now personal ministry. Here is some background information about me. Be sure to check the index page for this site. I started as a business …

Life Purpose

This life purpose is a long stretch for me. I can only hope to demonstrate some of it some of the time. Another term for this could be “Deepest Calling.” The French phrase (raison d’être) for this concept translates to “reason to be,” or “reason for living.” Everybody needs a “reason to be.”  A life …

Current Understandings

My mission to build up the body of Christ by helping believers, primarily men, both as individuals or small groups, to understand God’s Word and practice it in daily life. This statement serves as a summary of my basic current understandings. However, “We are not called simply to believe certain points or observe certain practices, …

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