Edify Ministries is the Bible teaching ministry of Dr. Frank Fenby, D.Min. Dallas Theological Seminary. Frank is a member Christ Community Church, Tampa, FL. He is a professor at the Moody Bible Institute Regional Classroom in Tampa, Florida and Alaska Bible Seminary in Bethel, Alaska.

Key verse: Ephesians 4:11-13 “Building up the Body of Christ.”

Edify Ministries has these areas of service:

  • Notes and Comments on Scripture: We focus on Bible teaching and training others to read the Bible with understanding and apply it to everyday life situations, especially their own. We work with groups within their own denominational and cultural distinctness. We do this by teaching the Bible and attempting to limit our own cultural biases.
  • Mentoring/Discipleship/Teaching: We enjoy working with individuals, and small groups of believers. We show people how to study the Bible on their own. We do this through modeling and mentoring.
  • Biblical Higher Education: We have twenty years of experience in post secondary education. We are currently designing the curriculum, classroom environment, and catalog for a program to prepare leaders for ministry in the small villages of circumpolar areas. A previous project was developing an on-line doctoral program in Latin America.
  • Cross-cultural Ministry: We serve in several different cultures. This experience and extensive study help improve our ministry. We also share the principles we have learned with others seeking to minister outside their native culture.
  • Social Concerns: We are working hard to find ways to prevent young people from even considering suicide, and to help prevent people from even considering abusing others. We feel real solutions lie in helping people gain a biblical Christian worldview and develop a strong social support structure. A biblical Christian worldview should also greatly reduce substance and alcohol abuse.

Edify Ministries, Inc. is a Florida not-for-profit corporation. We are seeking recognition under section 501.C3 of the United States Internal Revenue Service.

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Baseline Doctrinal Statement

Baseline Doctrinal Statement – The What and Why Edify Ministries seeks to build up the body of Christ by helping believers, as individuals and groups, to understand God’s Word and practice it in daily life. This doctrinal statement serves as a platform for our teaching ministry. Productive Bible teaching and discussion requires certain “ground rules.” …

Truths That Transform

What are Truths that Transform Truths that Transform are truth statements written as proverbs. They are direct statements from propositional passages in the Bible or applications from narratives. Those who trust Christ alone for eternal life may read these truths directly. Others need to see them as the riches available to those who do trust …

Technical Study Comments

Bible study comments for those interested in passage analysis or other technical concerns. They generally do not reflect direct personal application of the Bible to daily life. These comments may reflect discourse analysis, Greek or Hebrew grammar, syntax, lexical studies, etc. Consider them technical academic musings and discussion. They are not the last word on …